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Make Cadhla Logan's chats with the writers, musicians, and just generally entertaining people of Twitter, a part of your Twitter time (usually scheduled on the weekends)! Meantime, catch up here with our transposed Twitter Interviews of the recent past and a sneak peek at what is on tap! Follow @Cadhla_L on Twitter!

4 June 2021
Stephen Ainley New Book Release! Jessup

23 May 2021
Edge O. Erin New Book Release! Legacy of Seconds

6 March 2021
#CATETrailHare Amazing Rebecca Mickley on her writing and hiking the PCT!

27 February 2021
#CATEKing Jason Malone New Book Release! The Immortal King

21 February 2021
#CATEandBisskit  Oz Writer Stephen Ainley Interview by Edge!

14 February 2021
#CATE: Valentine's Day Tour of Ireland!

31 January 2021 

speaker of Armageddon Speaking, Composer & Janktronica Musician!

24 January 2021 
David P. Perlmutter, Bestselling True Crime Author & Actor!

17 January 2021 
Edge O. Erin, Creator & Administrator of The World Story Book!

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Asiel Lavie's New Book Release The Crossing Gate!
Twitter Cooks & Chefs & Fab Recipes!
Reyfarer on Shipwrecks!
More Photo Tours!
Ireland's Peat Bog Tales & History! 
Books publishing this Autumn!
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