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  • 2022 Calendar For Writers Expanded Edition (Midnight Dragon Edition) which features a complete 30 Day Writing Notebook has limited availability due to its size (8x10in, 340pp!)! It is currently available in the EU via Amazon Germany where it is our latest Bestseller! It is also available worldwide with free shipping from Amazon's own Book Depository (our favorite! They accept PayPal and their website lists postal restrictions in countries due to Covid protocols)!
  • 30 Day Writing Notebook(Amber Raven Edition) is an Amazon USA EXCLUSIVE for your #wip and still priced at only $10! 
  • 1,000 Quotes For Writers (eBook and Paperback) our beloved Bestseller always makes a perfect gift for a writer! Paperback Edition is available at Waterstones, Amazon worldwide, and of course Book Depository. EBook is available on Kobo, Apple BooksBooktopia, and many other online retailers.
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We do not sell books on this site, we just provide additional content information and their latest availability that we know of, as some of them are hard to find listed on online retailers because they are very large format for the most part. We provide links (we do not make money on these) to sites we know sell and ship our books. We also try to include a 'Look Inside', snips from the book proofs to give you an idea of size and content. Several of the books featured within are published by Kimberly Coleman, the Irish-American Author and Creator and Designer of the Bestselling Calendar For Writes Series; others we feature as they've been found to be indispensable to many writers. 

We recommend buying from Book Depository (Amazon owned) where they always have Free Shipping worldwide, they accept PayPal, and you can check the price in your own currency at the top of the page!. At present, these are our books listed and available via Book Depository (we received ours in Ireland in under two weeks:Barnes & Noble also has all of our books.. 

Kurt Seapoint's third eBook will be publishing soon and we will feature it here when available! His first two books on Twitter are Amazon Bestsellers:  What is Wrong With Twitter is filled with incredible information from his ten  years on Twitter for the Writing Community and for those who have not read Twitter's Rules and checked their own Privacy and Settings... among many other things you've likely encountered on the platform!  It is a great, quick read like his first, Surviving Twitter, also available on Amazon, Kobo, Apple, and other platforms worldwide. You can follow him on Twitter @kurtseapoint

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