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Welcome to Irish Heath and Bog with our latest books, plus Cadhla's Animations from Twitter! 

  • Our newest books for 2022 will be publishing soon so be aware Amazon stock is limited on our 2021 Calendars and Writing Notebooks soon discontinuing! 
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We do not sell books on this site, we just provide additional content information and their latest availability that we know of, as some of them are hard to find listed on online retailers because they are very large format for the most part. We provide links (we do not make money on these) to sites we know sell and ship our books. We also try to include a 'Look Inside', snips from the book proofs to give you an idea of size and content. Several of the books featured within are published by Kimberly Coleman, the Irish-American Author and Creator and Designer of the Bestselling Calendar For Writes Series; others we feature as they've been found to be indispensable to many writers. 

We recommend buying from Book Depository (Amazon owned) where they always have Free Shipping worldwide, they accept PayPal, and you can check the price in your own currency at the top of the page!. At present, these are our books listed and available via Book Depository (we received ours in Ireland in under two weeks:
Barnes & Noble also has all of our books.. 

Kurt Seapoint's second eBook, What is Wrong With Twitter, is back on Amazon's Bestseller List and is on sale, only $2.99 (reg $5.99), filled with incredible information from his ten  years on Twitter for the Writing Community and for those who have not read Twitter's Rules and checked their own Privacy and Settings! A great, quick read like his first, Surviving Twitter, also available on Amazon, Kobo, Apple, and other platforms worldwide. You can follow him on Twitter @kurtseapoint. And, we hear a third book on Twitter is imminent! We have details as soon as we know more! Looks like there will be a lot about the Writing Community!

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Follow @Cadhla_L on Twitter! Known for her #ChatsWithCadhla and her amazing animations, Cadhla Logan is happy to promote you/your creative work via her Twitter stream and can create specially designed animations, book trailers, and attention-getting book covers for you! Below are a few of her chats and information on booking her for your own creative project! Autumn is the best time for promotions on Twitter! 
See some of her amazing animations here! For a donation (see below!) she will make one for you!

4 June 2021
Stephen Ainley New Book Release! Jessup

23 May 2021
Edge O. Erin New Book Release! Legacy of Seconds

6 March 2021
#CATETrailHare Amazing Rebecca Mickley on her writing and hiking the PCT! 

27 February 2021
#CATEKing Jason Malone New Book Release! The Immortal King

21 February 2021
#CATEandBisskit  Oz Writer Stephen Ainley Interview by Edge!

14 February 2021
#CATE: Valentine's Day Tour of Ireland!

31 January 2021 

speaker of Armageddon Speaking, Composer & Janktronica Musician! 

24 January 2021 
David P. Perlmutter, Bestselling True Crime Author & Actor!

17 January 2021 
Edge O. Erin, Creator & Administrator of The World Story Book

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Ireland's Peat Bog Tales & History! 
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Cadhla's Chats


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